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Fusion Marketing’s Category Management Achieves Better Retail Results

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Fusion MarketingLOS ANGELES (January 22, 2013) – Understanding today’s consumer and influencing them to purchase an item has become as complex as analyzing the influx of data to make sound business decisions. Fusion Marketing, the leading ‘data to design’ full-service marketing agency specializing in retail intelligence for perishable and packaged goods, has researched the essential variables in a category review leading to increased communication during a presentation, and greater action taken by the retailer.

Fusion has studied the effectiveness of its category management reports created over the past five years. Every aspect of the category management process has been evaluated to measure the efficiency of the various changes implemented—including the use of various font styles and sizes, color palette, down to the types of charts and graphs utilized. The goal of the analysis was to leverage the crucial elements and key findings of the report that would lead to greater proactivity by the retailer, thus resulting in positive category results.

An interesting fact surfaced from the analysis: if a report visually reflected the brand and style of the product or item, there was greater receptivity by a retailer to take action on the suggested findings. “Unlike one-size-fits-all or canned reports, our reports are uniquely created and designed as an extension of our client’s brand,” explained Steven Muro, Fusion Marketing’s president and founder. “We found that the order in which we presented information and the amount of information offered during a presentation were key in creating a more successful outcome.”

Category management also depends on understanding the consumer. Retailers and suppliers rely on scanned data and other data sets to analyze trends and information to determine what motivates a shopper into purchasing. Price, promotional strategy, point of sale displays, and merchandising are other marketing elements factored into a category management review to obtain a clear and concise picture of each business segment.

“We help the retailer or supplier find their analytical strength by identifying sales gaps and marketing opportunities,” explains Muro. “Ultimately, we want profitable outcomes for our clients. Category management is essential to building a sound marketing plan based on facts and trends. It becomes a vantage point to success. But, our unparalleled retail analysis is really central to drive the retailer into action. If a retailer doesn’t fully understand the meaning behind the data, the report is essentially useless. So, now we know, based on our research, what elements help motivate a retailer into action and what information is most important to them.”

In today’s ultra competitive marketplace, Fusion Marketing has analyzed a number of categories for retailers, commissions and shippers/handlers turning data into sales growth with strategic business solutions. Fusion’s extensive perishable and CPG knowledge, research and analysis continues to provide retailers and suppliers with thorough research data and analysis for strategic planning and marketing initiatives.

Since its 1997 inception, Fusion Marketing has established a solid industry presence, providing its broad client base with expertise in produce, consumer packaged goods, distinct-marketing perspectives and diverse capabilities. With its strategic alliances with NPD and U.S. Marketing Services, Fusion’s data-centric marketing resources and capabilities are proven to reduce uncertainty surrounding the business decision-making process.

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