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Consumers’ Willingness To Purchase Groceries Online Is Shifting

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Fusion MarketingFusion Marketing’s Research Indicates a Positive Shift in Consumer Acceptance

LOS ANGELES (August 5, 2014) – The resistance to shopping for groceries online is fading. The online grocery business is expected to become a $9.5 billion industry by 2017. In fact, Fusion Marketing’s ConsumerInsights™ research indicates a 200 percent change in consumers’ willingness to try purchasing groceries online in just the last year. (more…)

Fusion Marketing’s Analytical Positions Provide Seamless Client Support

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Fusion MarketingFusion Announces Promotion of Two Key Team Members

LOS ANGELES (July 17, 2014) – Fusion Marketing is committed to building and maintaining a strong and dynamic analytical team for its portfolio of clients. In supporting this commitment, the company announced today the promotion of two staff members. (more…)

Fresh Digest – The Numbers Game

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Fresh DigestEveryone in the produce industry knows that selling of fruits and vegetables is a game of numbers, but where do you go to find someone who can carefully calculate the plethora of numbers and discern what all those digits really mean.  (more…)

Fresh Digest – Presentation Matters

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Fresh DigestIncreasingly, complex data is driving decisions in the retail produce department. But a new study finds that the willingness of retailers to use that data is largely dependent on how it is presented to them.


Fresh Digest – Spices are Hot, Hot, Hot

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Fresh DigestFlavor has always governed the consumer decision-making process, whether it happens in the grocery store, a restaurant or the kitchen.


Produce Merchandising – Being Global, Acting Local

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produce-merchandising-news_Locally grown produce is the No. 2 U.S. food trend, according to a National Restaurant Association survey. As we are in the middle of the home-grown season, supermarkets are focusing on the locally grown market to compete with farmers markets and support their local communities. (more…)

Produce Merchandising – Consumer Interest in Nutrition Soars

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produce-merchandising-news_There is  a widespread movement among today’s consumers to eat healthier, and therefore, supermarkets are now confronted with the challenge of navigating away from their traditional role as solely an outlet to purchase food. (more…)

Produce Merchandising – Unlock New Business Opportunities

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produce-merchandising-news_Data! Just the sound of it may put many to sleep. Understood and utilized, data can be like a shot of espresso to your business.  In a dynamic Wal-Mart driven world, the effective use of data is synonymous with success in the retail environment.


Interactive, 3D Product Imagery May Help Online Grocery Experience

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Fusion MarketingFusion’s Research Reveals that 96% of Consumers Do Not Purchase Groceries Online

LOS ANGELES (October 7, 2013) – As tech-savvy consumers download coupons and compare prices at retail by using their smartphones, there are many other consumers less inclined to use technology while they shop. Fusion Marketing’s ConsumerInsights™ research indicates that only 21% download apps from retailers and the majority would prefer not to receive personalized ads tailored to their specific shopping patterns. (more…)

Fusion Marketing’s Category Management Achieves Better Retail Results

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Fusion MarketingLOS ANGELES (January 22, 2013) – Understanding today’s consumer and influencing them to purchase an item has become as complex as analyzing the influx of data to make sound business decisions. Fusion Marketing, the leading ‘data to design’ full-service marketing agency specializing in retail intelligence for perishable and packaged goods, has researched the essential variables in a category review leading to increased communication during a presentation, and greater action taken by the retailer. (more…)