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Case Studies


Insights Made Easy with Infographics:

Fusion Marketing Infographic

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Business Issue: Fusion Marketing designed and conducted innovative shopper research to understand the shopper decision tree and uncover key purchase drivers and barriers. In addition to the research report, the client asked Fusion Marketing to prepare an at-a-glance companion piece that could be used by a broad audience of growers, shippers, retailers and other category stakeholders.

Outcome: Fusion Marketing created a visually engaging, single-page Infographic, which captured and highlighted the key points of the study. This insights-at-a glance Infographic was well received by the industry.

Improve Communications, Increase Awareness:

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Business Issue: To keep the fresh produce industry up-to-date on trends, Fusion Marketing created an Infographic to highlight key points succinctly with colorful icons and information that was easy-to-read and visually appealing.

Outcome: Members of the produce industry and media were made aware of upcoming trends; they planned strategies and published topical articles based on our information.

Category Management and Communications to Increase Sales:

Business Issue: A client asked Fusion Marketing to evaluate its category analysis and reporting activities to see if there was a more effective approach for measuring and driving category performance at retail.

Outcome: After listening to the client’s challenges and objectives, Fusion Marketing designed an integrated category management and retailer communication program. This program featured easy-to-use, presentation-ready, reports tailored to specific retailers and industry stakeholders.

The response from the client: “When a major national retailer was asked for feedback regarding our reports, they replied, ‘No other commodity … provides the level of data and reports that we provide. Reports are clear and concise and actionable recommendations are made to improve sales and profits.’ We appreciate all (Fusion Marketing’s) hard work!”

Target Your Promotions for Maximum Effectiveness and Return:

Business Issue: A client noticed their annual product was experiencing recurring sales slumps during the summer months. They wanted to understand the reason for this slump and find ways to boost sales of the category during the summer.

Outcome: Fusion Marketing studied seasonal consumer usage patterns for this item and discovered that frequency of use remained consistent throughout the year while the volume used dipped in the summer, explaining the summer slump in retail sales. Using this insight, Fusion Marketing designed a promotional campaign for the client that focused on favorite summertime foods featuring this item. By leveraging seasonal food preferences, the client boosted summertime sales.

Uncover Hidden Opportunities:

Business Issue: A regional division of a grocery chain was underperforming in a fast growing produce category. The client’s merchandising director was seeking to understand why this leading retailer was not on pace in this hot category.

Outcome: Fusion Marketing obtained retail point of sale category data for this retailer and conducted an opportunity gap analysis. Fusion Marketing’s analysis uncovered a retail display opportunity that was valued at $500,000 over the next six months. Fusion’s analysis and recommendations were shared with the retailer who implemented the display recommendations and achieved the additional sales in the first three months!

Understand Your Competition to Build Sales:

Business Issue: A major national retailer was questioning their pricing, placement and promotion of a specific commodity and asked for the client’s assistance in better understanding their opportunities. The client turned to Fusion to analyze this retailer’s category and to identify solutions to accelerate the category’s growth at this retailer.

Outcome: Fusion Marketing conducted a category review and competitive analysis, uncovering a number of opportunities related to the retailer’s assortment and pricing in selected divisions. This analysis was presented to the retailer who, as a result, added the client’s item to four new distribution centers, supplying hundreds of large-format stores. This win-win solution grew category sales and enhanced the client’s leadership role in this category with this influential retailer.